Cinderella – part 5

Cinderella – part 5 »

1 Once upon a time there lived a sweet, little girl called Ella.  Her mother had died when she was a child and soon her father too died. She lived with her 2 mean 3 stepmother and her two proud stepsisters. They made Ella do all the housework. – Clean the 4 chimneys. Dust the cupboards. Iron my clothes. – they cried. The young girl was always covered in 5 soot and 6 dust. Hence she was called Cinderella. One day the prince invited… Elolvasom
26 okt, 2011
Cinderella – part 4

Cinderella – part 4 »

4. feladat: Írd be az előző feladat szavait (megfelelő alakban) a szövegbe! (Ezúttal a szöveg meghallgatása nélkül) A jealous; B surprised; C scream; D bother; E dust; F rags; G chimneys; H fall in love; I excited; J carriage; K disappointed; L stepmother; M soot; N wand; O laugh at; P magnificent; Q spell; R run away; S once upon a time; T mean   Cinderella 1___________________ there lived a sweet, little girl called… Elolvasom
24 okt, 2011