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Monkey go happy


Ha tetszett a cikk, akkor nyugodtan oszd meg ismerőseiddel, valószínű ők is örülni fognak neki.

Monkey in zoo learn the name of objects, in this game kids learn the the function of objects. Why monkey goes happy? Monkey don’t know that, objects are useful,people know about the objects more than a monkey.Maybe this is the reason why the videogame is called “monkey go happy”.In this game people and monkey meet for few times. Is it true that we know about objects more than a monkey? Science and informatics help us to make very difficult constructions, which will never be learnt by a monkey.The monkey know the surrondings where he lives,people make surrondings for themselves.People and monkey meet only for one times, their life is not the same.

The psychologists say we have to learn the function of objects in childhood.When we learn to use a pencil, or we learn to build up theories is just not will be learnt by a monkey because they do not need it. Kids are using objects when a monkey not.This game is made for children. Kids can learn the emotions of monkeys.The monkeys are happy in this game because they help children to learn.Videogames make easy to learn simple tasks.All games are easy, its are just animation.

What the videogame don’t teach about ethics?We cannot appreciate the effort of people to build up the world they want to live in.The problem is that these games often don’t have principles, they do not appreciate human force.Some videogames are used in education, but we think it is wrong. 

How we can learn to respect people? If we help others we will know about their life and about their problems.Videogames are only a mean to spend time.Virtual world is not real world, is just created by the software companies.We will use animation against any human action.If we play videogames we will forget the human nature, the most important element of life:emotions, thinking, feeling.

These games destroy these parts of human nature, we recomand not to use them.Even if they kids like to play on computer we suggest not to use videogames.Children have many possiblities to play outdoor or indoor, but these games will not help them in education.Video animations are created by specialists but the videogame industry doesn’t help education.Videogames are harmful for kids, they introduce them in virtual world, which is a false world, playing in virtual world is not help developing human capacities. Kids will not learn the real world. 


Ha tetszett a cikk, akkor nyugodtan oszd meg ismerőseiddel, valószínű ők is örülni fognak neki.


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