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Cinderella – part 5


Ha tetszett a cikk, akkor nyugodtan oszd meg ismerőseiddel, valószínű ők is örülni fognak neki.

1 Once upon a time there lived a sweet, little girl called Ella.  Her mother had died when she was a child and soon her father too died. She lived with her 2 mean 3 stepmother and her two proud stepsisters. They made Ella do all the housework.

– Clean the 4 chimneys. Dust the cupboards. Iron my clothes. – they cried. The young girl was always covered in 5 soot and 6 dust. Hence she was called Cinderella.

One day the prince invited all the girls in the kingdom for a ball in the castle. Everyone including the two stepsisters were very 7 excited. Cinderella too wanted to go to the ball, but her sisters 8 laughed at her.

– Stay at home and scrub the floors – 9 screamed her stepmother.

The day of the ball finally came. The stepmother and stepsisters left Cinderella alone at home. She was so 10 disappointed that she began to cry. Suddenly she saw a shimmering light in the room. A woman with a kind smile and a 11 wand stood in front of her.

          Who are you? – asked Cinderella 12 surprised.

The woman replied: – I’m your fairy godmother. I’ll help you go to the ball. Now do stop crying.

          But I have nothing to wear. – sobbed Cinderella – I can’t go to the ball.

The fairy godmother smiled. She touched a pumpkin and turned it into a grand 13 carriage. With a wave of the wand she changed six mice into six 14 magnificent horses to pull the carriage and another mouse into a footman. Finally she changed Cinderella’s 15 rags into a beautiful dress.

          There. Now you look like a princess. – she said to Cinderella. – But remember you should come back home before twelve o’clock for then the 16 spell  will be broken.

Cinderella replied: – I wont’t forget. Thank you so much! – and she went to the castle.

Cinderella was the prettiest girl at the ball. Her stepsisters didn’t even recognize her. All the other girls were very 17jealous because the prince danced with her the whole night. Cinderella had a wonderful time at the ball. However the moment she heard the clock strike twelve, she remembered the fairy godmother’s words and 18 ran away. In a hurry she left one glass slipper on the castle’s steps.

Now the prince had 19 fallen in love  with her and wanted to find her. He said to his men:

          Go to every house in the land. Find the girl whose foot fits into this glass slipper. She will be the one I’ll marry.

The king’s men reached Cinderella’s house. The two stepsisters tried hard to get their big feet into the glass slipper – but in vain. Finally Cinderella peeped out and said:
– May I try, as well?

To everyone’s surprise Cinderella’s foot fit perfectly into the glass slipper.

The prince and Cinderella were soon married in a grand ceremony. The wicked sisters never 20 bothered  her again.


Megoldás: 1 S; 2 T; 3 L; 4 G; 5 M; 6 E; 7 I; 8 O; 9 C; 10 K; 11 N; 12 B; 13 J; 14 P; 15 F; 16 Q; 17 A; 18 R; 19 H; 20 D

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5. feladat Hallgasd meg többször is a mesét úgy, hogy közben olvasod is a szövegét!



Ha tetszett a cikk, akkor nyugodtan oszd meg ismerőseiddel, valószínű ők is örülni fognak neki.